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Podium exists to modernize the way business is done locally; all through the convenience of a text message.

Who we are

Podium is redefining the way customers interact with local businesses. Through its interaction management platform, Podium makes every customer touchpoint convenient. From search to sold; Podium helps over 55,000 businesses increase their local visibility and manage their customer interactions.

What we do

Podium helps local businesses Get Found, Get Chosen, and now Get Paid. In a contact free world, customers prefer to use messaging, chat, and text to interact with local businesses. Podium allows you to capitalize on this new global trend by helping with day to day operations, consolidate your customer conversations, and even templatize common workflows like tune up requests, scheduling, and “your order is ready!” notifications. You can even receive payments via text.

Podium Features

Podium Reviews. Get Found. Consumers are no longer relying on word of mouth for recommendations. They are now turning to online reviews first—as many as 86% of consumers read online reviews when researching a business. Podium makes it easy for a business to send review requests via text to their customers.

Podium Webchat. Get Chosen. This feature helps you win more leads through providing a convenient way for consumers to ask their questions on your website and transition the conversation to a text thread on their phone. Nobody has time to sit on a website all-day waiting for a response.

Podium Inbox. Increase efficiencies by consolidating all your messages into one easy to use inbox from all the channels you interact with your customers on. These channels include Facebook, Instagram, your website, Apple business chat, Google my business page...etc.

Podium Videochat. Customers still prefer text messaging over every other communication method—but sometimes, a text can miss important details. That’s why we built Videochat. Just send a secure link over text, then hop on a private video call without missing a beat.

Podium Payments. Get Paid.  Use Podium to generate a simple link and send it via text to your customers. No logging in for your customer & no reading card numbers over the phone. Payments are processed immediately and the money is sent to your account. 

Member Benefits

Discount | 15% off Podium products


Updated 03/19/2021