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A Member Services Organization
for the Cannabis and Hemp Industries

Successful businesses thrive on their relationships. As a member services organization for the cannabis and hemp industries, botaniCo provides purchasing power and exclusive access to our elite network of trusted suppliers. Our devotion to the cannabis industry community enables us to provide our members with an array of cost-saving solutions on products and services, as well as resources like cannabis and hemp education, analytics, advocacy and much more!

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Members Include

Our Members Include

Every business is unique. Thus, exclusive access to our diverse network of suppliers offers a variety of customizable solutions to every type of cannabis and hemp operator in the industry.

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botaniCo Membership Benefits

When you become a member of botaniCo, you gain instant access to our elite cannabis industry community, connecting you with experts who can assist you in improving efficiencies and saving money. Let us build your network, so you can focus on growing your cannabis or hemp business.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power Within the Cannabis & Hemp Industries

We believe in strategic partnerships. Thus, we have partnered with an extensive network of industry-leading vendors and suppliers to not only deliver upfront savings on your purchases, but to also offer cash rebates as well.

Network of Trusted Vendors

Network of Trusted Suppliers

We build passionate communities of specialized providers that value quality care and business innovation. We offer botaniCo members access to exclusive opportunities and to the cannabis and hemp industries' most innovative products and solutions to help your business compete, prosper and succeed.

Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

We understand that the most successful, profitable retail operations must excel in three core areas: product quality, experience and marketing. Our assessment will guide the strategic planning of merchandising, hemp and cannabis market data analysis and staffing to create a customized blueprint for your continued success.

Market Data

Exclusive Access to Cannabis & Hemp Market Data

We bring years of experience along with cannabis and hemp market intelligence to create real growth opportunities. Our data will assist you with identifying, targeting, engaging and converting key customers across all market segments to enhance overall productivity and accelerate decision-making.

Activism, Advocacy and Education

Cannabis/Hemp Activism, Advocacy & Education

We are committed to providing a wide range of educational offerings tailored to current cannabis/hemp industry topics. Additionally, with decades of expertise in government relations and policy, as well as regulatory and patient advocacy - our team is always fighting on behalf of your business and the cannabis industry at large.


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