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About RAS Security Group

RAS Security Group s is a services firm created to provide clients with modern, technologically sound approaches towards physical security and investigations.

Our primary suite of services focuses on physical security master planning, where our team of experts assess, architect and deploy integrated workplace solutions to protect our clients from the host of modern-day threats.

Our main objective is to help our clients to prevent, prepare and respond to the infinite circumstances that may impact the operations of their business and disrupt their employees.  Our clients rely on us to prevent fraudulent business relationships, investigate potentially harmful employees and identify vulnerabilities in their physical space, including plans and designs.

As trusted trainers, skilled leaders and experts in the intersection of operations and technology, our clients put the safety of their businesses, intellectual properties and, most importantly, their employees in our hands.

  • Physical security assessment & recommendations
  • Security plan
  • RFP facilitation with vendors
  • Security management
  • Cyber security
  • Compliance audits
  • Investigations

Member Benefits

Discounted rates on RAS services including: 10% discount ($10,000) minimum


Updated 03/19/2021