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About DirectTV

 Pacific Concepts Group is the service provider partner with this program and will conduct price comparisons, installs, and service for DIRECTV. 

If you’re not a current DIRECTV customer, ask about exiting Comcast, Cox, DISH, and Time Warner agreements so you can upgrade to DIRECTV this season!

Member Benefits

Save an average of 40% per month

140 channels with HD

You can’t get this offer from any other vendor, and it is FREE to all members! 
Savings range from $500 to $5,000 per year! 

Looking for a quote? Follow these simple steps below: 

Send the following information to [email protected]

  1. A copy of your current TV service bill(s)
  2. Count of your TV’s by building if more than 1
  3. Number of buildings with service

The DIRECTV team will prepare a price comparison for you along with a quote for your review and will do all the research needed to confirm that you can upgrade to DIRECTV. Solutions for phone & Internet upon request. All presented to you in a simple one-page proposal so you can make an informed decision. 

Please note: Existing DIRECTV customers keep their account number, equipment, and billing cycle. Your bill will reflect botaniCo rate plan and note upgrade to National Account status with DIRECTV.

*Some restrictions may apply


Updated 03/12/2021