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About KC Store Fixtures

KC Store Fixtures is an industry leader for retail merchandising fixtures and store displays. Opening a new business? Updating an existing location? We can help. In addition to over 2,500 items in stock, we manufacture custom fixture solutions using a variety of materials such as wood, wire, metal, acrylic and glass.

  • Showcases and Wrap Counters
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Slatwall, Gridwall and Pegboard Shelving
  • Hooks and Merchandisers
  • Countertop Displays
  • Jewelry Displays
  • Clothes Racks, Hangers Shopping Bags
  • Sign Holders and More

Our new Nspire product line is built around powered upright standards, that provide electricity to LED lights embedded into shelves, back-lit signage, touch screens and a host of visual merchandising tools, to seamlessly integrate physical & digital retail. Ideal for the cannabis industry, the Nspire brand brings technology, consumer interaction and memorable experiences to the forefront.

Member Benefits

10% Off your Entire Purchase (excludes showcases, custom orders, and Nspire product line)

Please call for quotes. KC Store Fixtures also has a price-match guarantee.

Free store layouts with fixture purchase, same day ground shipping, design services, custom manufacturing solutions for: Bud Cabinets, Specialty Displays, Showcases, Kiosks and more.

Freight: Charges will be added to the invoice. Shipping will be F.O.B. from our Kansas City warehouse unless it is a factory direct shipment. When orders have a factory direct shipment and a Kansas City warehouse shipment, they will be shipped and billed separately.

To set up a new account, contact Shelley Gummig directly.

Updated 03/19/2021